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Are you looking for a way to be a little more green, every day? Start in your kitchen, by using new Eco-Foil® — the first and only aluminum baking pans & trays made from 100% recycled aluminum materials. Brought to you by Handi-Foil®, the most trusted name in recyclable container foilware products, made 100% in the USA. Offering the same great quality you'd expect from the #1 foilware brand — Handi-Foil.

  • Pans and trays are made from 100% recycled aluminum
  • Lids are made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Still 100% American made
  • Still 100% recyclable after use
  • 100% trusted quality and strength

The Newest Way To Be More Socially Responsible

Eco-Foil is a revolutionary new foilware product designed to give consumers like you a convenient and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint, live greener lifestyles, and do your part for the environment! Not only is it made from 100% recycled aluminum, but it is also 100% recyclable after use — making it part of a phenomenon called "closed-loop recycling." When you purchase and use recycled Eco-Foil products, and then put them in your recycling bin to get recycled again, you complete the cycle — the aluminum is then re-made into another new recycled pan … and the cycle just goes on and on and on!

Eco-Foil offers a variety of products to choose from, including roasters, baking pans, and a broad line of favorites ranging from King Roaster® with handles (a Handi-Foil exclusive) to the Cook-N-Carry® line of pans with lids. All made from 100% recycled materials — even the plastic lids. Eco-Foil is the perfect eco-friendly choice for all your baking, roasting or grilling needs —and a great way for you to save natural resources and protect our earth, one pan at a time.

You can find Eco-Foil at major grocery chains and mass market retailers nationwide where Handi-Foil is sold. If your local retailer isn't carrying Eco-Foil yet, tell them you care — and ask them for Eco-Foil products today!

Eco-Foil is made in the USA by the #1 trusted name in foilware — Handi Foil.

Did You Know …
Aluminum can be recycled over and over again, without ever losing its quality or compromising the key properties that make it so strong and versatile!

Frequently Asked Questions About Eco-Foil

Where can I find Eco-Foil?
Eco-Foil is available in the baking aisle at major grocery and mass market retailers that carry Handi-Foil products. Can't find Eco-Foil at your local store? Show your local retailer you care about the environment and ask them to carry Eco-Foil!
Is Eco-Foil made from 100% recycled aluminum safe to use with food?
Eco-Foil is just as clean and food-safe as any other foilware made from virgin aluminum bauxite. The process of manufacturing recycled aluminum meets the same high quality standards as from virgin metals. All recycled aluminum gets melted down at an astronomically high temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, which burns off any impurities, and results in aluminum that has virtually the exact same physical properties as aluminum made from ore.
Can Eco-Foil be recycled again after use?
Yes! Eco-Foil is 100% recyclable. Aluminum is one of the only materials that can be recycled indefinitely, without ever losing its shine or strength, or compromising the quality of the metal. Plus, there are so many other great ways to re-use Eco-Foil products around the house … click here to get usage tips and ideas.
Are Eco-Foil products the same as other Handi-Foil recyclable foilware?
Yes! Eco-Foil products offer the same quality, strength, dependability and versatility as original Handi-Foil, but are now made from 100% recycled aluminum. They offer the same properties and benefits, and the same resistance to heat as other Handi-Foil products — they can still go from oven to freezer and back again, over and over again, without any breakdown in material.
Do any of the Eco-Foil products come with lids?
Yes, many of the products in the Eco-Foil line come with recyclable lids made from 100% recycled plastic. Because these lids are designed to nest very tightly together to reduce package sizes (another green move), it can occasionally appear to be only one lid in a package. Simply try to peel the lids apart, and you will find your second lid. These Eco-Foil products are ideal for carrying food to picnics, holiday dinners, parties, storing leftovers, etc.
Are Eco-Foil products Kosher approved?
Yes. All Eco-Foil made from 100% recycled aluminum have been endorsed as Kosher and bear the OU emblem.
Is Eco-Foil made in America?
Yes. All Handi-Foil products are proudly manufactured at our headquarters in Wheeling, Illinois.