Introducing New Eco-Foil. Meeting the Demands of Today's Eco-Friendly Consumers.

Created by Handi-Foil, the #1 brand leader in recyclable foilware, Eco-Foil® is the first and only foilware product made from 100% recycled aluminum! Offering today's environmentally conscious consumers a balance of strength, versatility, convenience and sustainability — all with the same great Handi-Foil quality they have trusted for years.

Your customers will be asking for new Eco-Foil! Start carrying these revolutionary products today! For more information, contact Handi-Foil at . For bakery and deli, contact HFA, Inc. at .

Introducing Eco-Foil The First And Only 100% Recycled Aluminum
Container Foilware In the Marketplace


  • Made from 100% recycled aluminum
  • Lids made from 100% recycled plastic
  • All made 100% in the USA!
  • 100% strong
  • 100% sustainable
  • 100% trusted Handi-Foil quality

Retailer Q&A

What is Eco-Foil?
Eco-Foil is the first and only 100% recycled aluminum product in the foil container category, taking sustainability and shopper satisfaction to the next level — all with the same great quality as other top Handi-Foil products.

What types of products are available in the Eco-Foil line?
Eco-Foil offers a variety of products to choose from including roasters, baking pans, and a broad range of shopper favorites ranging from King Roaster® with handles (a Handi-Foil exclusive) to the Cook-N-Carry® line of pans with lids (lids are also made from 100% recycled plastic). Eco-Foil is also available for in-store bakery and deli departments!

Who is Handi-Foil?
Handi-Foil is a third-generation family-owned business that founded the retail foilware market. As the current leader in recyclable foilware container and baking products, Handi-Foil offers a complete line of foil containers and dome lids including traditional, high-end and seasonal bakeware items. Handi-Foil has introduced a number of innovations to the foilware market including the Cook-N-Carry® (pans with lids) line, iChef products, and now Eco-Foil.

Are other Handi-Foil products made from recycled aluminum?
Yes, all Handi-Foil products are made with some recycled materials. However, to meet the growing demands of shoppers for more sustainable products, Handi-Foil has now taken their leadership role to another level with the introduction of Eco-Foil — the industry's first and only container foilware made from 100% recycled products — the aluminum pans and the plastic lids that accompany some of the product line.

Why should you carry Eco-Foil?
IRI reported that green products have grown increasingly popular with shoppers in each of the past five years. Whether you realize it or not, your consumers want more eco-friendly products to choose from on the shelves! Eco-Foil is a smart product to offer your customers, because it meets their desire to be green, while offering you a great opportunity to increase profits. More importantly, carrying Eco-Foil is the socially responsible thing to do!

Is Eco-Foil American Made?
Yes. All Eco-Foil products made from 100% recycled aluminum are kosher certified under the supervision of the Orthodox Union, and proudly manufactured in the United States at our state of the art facilities in Wheeling, IL.